Whether you are a photographer planning your next shoot or a bride planning her wedding, I can work with you to style some unforgettable florals.

First and foremost I am an artist (with a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts) and take my inspiration for floral styling from a host of visual sources: movies, art history, literature and life. Take a look at my Instagram for a wee peek into my mind.

There are lots of florists who can make you a perfect ball of roses so I aim to make you something else; something that completely expresses your uniqueness, that takes into account the season, that is lusciously-deliciously-textured and that is slightly surreal.

I support local growers and gardeners; most of the flowers I use are grown in New Zealand. This means they are fresh with a smaller footprint. Where possible, I use spray-free garden foliage that I have sourced from a network of passionate Auckland gardeners.

I care about making good and beautiful choices for every element of your flower design. I dye Habotai silk ribbons with naturally made dyes made in my very own kitchen. This is better for the planet and so much more BEAUTIFUL than synthetic flower ribbon! I also source my hemp twine from fairtrade sources.

Get in touch so we can dream together,

Libby Brickell

{Photographed by Alecia Honey}